Covid Policy

Covid Policy

A message from Lindsay, the owner at Lotus Rose Massage

November 24th 2021

This page should help you decide whether or not Lotus Rose Massage is the right fit for you regarding Covid 19 precautions and policy. If you are angered or fearful about any of our policies then I encourage you to please find another Massage Therapist. There are quite a few local Massage Therapists that have been very open about their pro mask policy and their own vaccination status.

Lotus Rose Massage DOES NOT require our clients to mask and we WILL NOT ask for you vaccination status. You are welcome to wear a mask or not and also offer your vaccination status to your therapist but we will never ask. Our therapists are also wearing masks with our clients.

It is also important to note that I DO NOT know the vaccination status of the therapists in my office. I have not asked and they have chosen to not offer that information to me. We are all completely comfortable working together and so are our clients. If you are comfortable with that, then we are welcoming new clients, and would love to get to know you and help ease you through your pain and discomfort. 

We use hospital grade disinfectant on all touched surfaces between clients and also do our best to stagger clients in our reception area. 

I care deeply about your wellbeing AND your (and my therapists) medical privacy and will do everything in my power to protect it. Lotus Rose Massage has already been summoned to release all of our client files (including very personal client information) June of 2021 to the Washington State Department of Health. I, of course, refused to release your information to the state (as this information does not "belong" to me) and they immediately closed their investigation against me. 

I am open to conversation or to hear your concerns about my office policy but please know, its been nearly 2 years of Covid and government over reach. I am solid in my beliefs and policy and will likely not change a thing. 


Our principled stance against forced masking and vaccination is NOT for sale. Please do not offer more money to see our private medical history. I will protect your medical freedom and privacy and I do expect the same from the public as far as my staff's private medical history. 

Again, any questions or concerns should be sent to me directly at 360-461-6326 or feel free to email me at

Take care of yourselves,

Lindsay Rieker

Owner at Lotus Rose Massage




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