Meet our highly skilled team

Lindsay Rieker

Lindsay is the owner of Lotus Rose Massage. She is currently only accepting new clients for 2 hr session and also leads the Couple's Massage Lessons.

Madeline Burkhartsmeir

Madeline has a beautiful warm energy and provides a super relaxing touch to melt away all your stresses. She is very attentive to every client's needs and uses both her skill set and intuition in every massage she provides. Madeline creates such a soothing space that one can not help but feel truly tranquil while on her massage table. Come soothe those aches, pains and anxieties away with Madeline. 

Analeigh Otis

Analeigh is a graduate of the Peninsula Northwest's very own, Port Townsend School of Massage. She blends focused treatment work with graceful stretches and movement to elongate those tight muscles and leave you feeling 2 inches taller. If you are looking for a splendid massage with a little targeting on some key areas, Ana has "got your back!" :)

Deidre Brightbill

Deidre's approach to bodywork is very goal oriented and focused. She provides a beautiful fill body massage but her true strengths are helping clients target and relieve chronic pain. Deidre has a very deep touch and loves to incorporate lots of range of motion techniques and stretches into every massage. Sciatica pain shakes in its boots when Deidre shows up!


Jack is the owner, Lindsay's, sweet old pound pup. 

Jack is a wise, and loving old dog who loves to be doted on in between his office naps.

He brings such a calm energy to our office and the only sound you may hear are the sounds of an old dog dreaming of his puppy years or a few snores. 

He is basically the best dog ever...other than yours. I'm sure your dog is great too. :)