Menu of Services

All massage is geared toward your specific needs and includes complimentary aromatherapy and hot towel treatment.

Massage Pricing



60 minute massage- $100

75 minute massage- $110

90 minute massage- $120

120 minute massage- $170

90 minute Hot Stone Massage- $150


Couple's Massage


75 minute Couple's Massage- $220

90 minute Couple's Massage- $240

90 minute Couple's Hot Stone Massage- $290


Couple's Massage requests need to be scheduled via phone. Our online booking system does not support booking 2 therapists at the same time. Please call 360-461-6326


Membership Program


$80 autodraft with a 6 month minimum agreement.


Our limited membership includes:


1 FREE 60 minute massage each month
10% off gift card purchases
10% off immediate family appointments
Complimentary Birthday month massage (in addition to your monthly membership massage)
20% off Corrective Assessment chiropractic care and 10% off 24 hr gym membership at Pennisula Wellness and Performance
10% off Wild Spirit Herbals
20% off Skin Care Suites Spa services with Kelsey
Please call our office directly to inquire about our limited membership availability. 








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