Reviews and Testimonials

I had a 90 minute massage with Lindsay last Sunday. She took the time to ask where my pain and issues were so I told her I was pretty beat up. She then said she would do cupping on me to help with the blood circulation to increase healing.

I do feel a little sore but some of the pain in my back and hip have subsided. So much so that I have scheduled another session with her. The massage was amazing aand I highly recommend Lindsay for massage therapy. You won't be sorry!


I made an appt with Lindsay for massage under the advice of my chiropractor. I have been having difficulty with tense muscles, making my adjustments with the chiropractor difficult.

After my massage and cupping with Lindsay, my next chiropractic appt went very well. I am on the mend and my muscles have never felt better! The difference I feel is so great that I will be making another appt with her.

Very professional and comfortable experience.

-Darla C.

I love getting a good massage, and I can honestly say that Lindsay gives one of the best that I have ever had! I have had a massage both at her office, and have taken advantage of her mobile massage, and they are both phenominal! If you are looking for a good massage, then do yourself a favor and get in touch with Lindsay!
-Mathew R.