Wellness Plan Corporate Massage

Include Massage as a Part of Your Corporate Wellness Plan!

Massage has not only gone mainstream, its gone corporate!

Employers are now starting to see the benefits of adding massage to their company's wellness plans. With companies like Boeing, Microsoft, and Eddie Bauer now offering their employees chair massage right in the office!

According to an article in the Financial Times, a company in Ontario, Canada reported that work place massage has decreased time off, for work related injuries by 25% and a $200,000 decrease in compensation claims. That is $200,000 in real, cash money that company saved!

You may be thinking, "well these are multi-million dollar companies.  Of course they can afford work place chair massage for their staff."

This may be a surprise but many companies in our modest Port Angeles are either providing work place chair massage or looking into adding it into their wellness plans including Peninsula Behavioral Health and North Olympic Healthcare Network.

Call to discuss any particulars of your business and we would happily give you a quote. 

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